What To Do When You Don’t Get a Job

By Briggs Deborah "So what do you do now?" One of the FAQ(frequently asked questions) from friends and relatives especially for folks who are just starting out. I know... I get that a lot too. It never stops because somehow your response is still "I've not gotten a job".You're probably awaiting admission into the university … Continue reading What To Do When You Don’t Get a Job


Prayer Can Become Your MotivationEveryday I

"...In prayer, we stir/build up ourselves (Jude 20). We've not prayed enough hence the shyness we exhibit(which we sometimes hide from others). I don't know about you but Everytime I pray now, I know that I'm effecting some changes. I get directions and instructions. I know what to do, who to meet and most importantly what to pray for. I am making the inherent power in me available as I pray!!!..."