No more veil is one of the best Gospel songs I have heard in a while. It was sang in church on one of the Sundays in January and I thought, “This is it”.

This is what every Gospel song should reveal: Christ and the Believer’s identity! If you’ve been following me for a while or have known me off this space, you’d notice that I’m weary of the kinds of so called ‘Gospel’ songs I listen to/sing. It matters to me. I thought I should share this song with you. I hope to do this more often!

Here’s what the singer-songwriter had to say;

NO MORE VEIL is not a song born out of creative writing. It is purely a song of the Spirit. And we are sure that just as we have heard in the place of prayer, this song is going to be on the lips of nations, and there will be diverse testimonies and manifestations of the supernatural”

Download song here

Listen, download, share your thoughts

Enjoy this and your weekend as well! Don’t forget to share 🙂


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