Feeling Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone

Having to adapt to the changes the lockdown brought has been different shades of emotions for me. Both positive and negative. Apart from the fact that Christ defines my life and there’s even more time to rest, I have been learning this season to keep my focus on what’s true. I was doing well until… Last week?? Yeah😢 If you ask me how that has been, it’d say it’s been HARD.

Have an idea of my current routine…

I wake up everyday lol. By 5am or 6am. Join prayers on triumph30 devotion or just have my personal prayers. (It wasn’t consistent in the past week as I was surviving the pains of my menstrual cycle and how tired/unmotivated it made me.) Then I’m off to bed again. Sometimes, I play a message or this particular fire prayer by POCO and I find myself mumbling tongues under my breath in a few minutes. Then I dash for my phone and lay in bed or get to work if it’s really urgent. On social media! Then off again!


I’ve been doing a lot of research, having conversations, learning and practising finance lessons, reading articles and checking lots of pages on branding. Oh I’ve also been preparing for my first ever online photography training, #EditLikeAPro with the amazing Emmanuel Okorie. All I’d be sharing are knowledge and insights(soft skills) from reading, practice, mentors and much more EXPERIENCE!! For the three years I’ve been learning photography intentionally. He’d take you on the how to on editing pictures using Lightroom(Details on flier). If interested, Register here

Please spread the word too!


I’m sorry I digressed but the point is I’ve been working so it wasn’t that I was idle. I was thinking that was the problem the first day I was in pains. I was hoping that working would help ease the pain lol.

I thought at some I was feeling that way because I was dissatisfied but there the root cause; the pain and discomforts I was experiencing!! With my new hair too. Dissatisfaction only came as an after effect(some of you would remember that tweet I put out). It didn’t end there and I’d explain.

The routines got boring for me and I noticed that they couldn’t help with the pains so I was resorting to other means to surpress it. I stayed up through the night because I could barely sleep or slept late.

I was secretly looking out for something new. To derive some new pleasure to distract me from the pain and discomforts. It felt like I was missing out on something. I felt out of control.

Ask and I’d tell you I didn’t really know what. I didn’t realise this till few days ago. I was passing the negative emotion in my responses especially when someone replied with a response I didn’t like or agree with.

Yesterday, I took the time out to observe the patterns that developed over the past week. In my bid to quench the pain I was feeling, I was a little touchy.🤷 I was quick to compare and hence find fault. If we aren’t close enough, you wouldn’t tell. But this transpired for about a week.

Discovering these made me sad. Yeah, sad that I wasn’t handling it the right way. Happy. That I’ve actually grown! I am more aware of my feelings and I know where to make amends and grow even more. Maybe I was in denial and should have taken a break altogether.

Analysing it all, I’d list out things I have learnt:

I didn’t have to be in control

I didn’t have to be in control. Was I? It just revealed to me my need for constant dependency on Jesus at all times. There’s a void only Him can fill. There are burdens He alone can help you bear. Circumstances he can help you navigate. In the times when no one understands your pain or how you feel, you can be sure that the One who died for you loves you. Although I have taught others time and again, this is something I’m yet to master. I was led to start Guy’s Conference last year. The first one was held in September but there I was battling with something I had no control over. If this is you, please cast those burdens on Jesus. Let Him bear them for you. He sees, he cares❤️

Denying the pain didn’t make it go away

Have you ever tried reading when you were tired but you still went ahead? Did anything change? Did you gain anything? Did the tiredness go away?🙄 Well, it’s the same thing. Denial doesn’t mean disappearance or absence. It just means you have refused to acknowledge something is there either because you’re trying to act strong or you’re afraid to confront the situation/pain. I’m reminded that it’s okay to embrace pain and acknowledge what I was experiencing. Confront it and find solutions. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed because you’ve refused to confront the issue at hand. Maybe you’ve even used activities to cover it up. It doesn’t take the problem away. Learn to face it dear friend. Acknowledge the pain, it’s the first step in finding solutions.

You are doing well already

Sometimes, what you need is simply to take a break till you can work well again. I’d have simply done this, rested till I was strong enough to go on with the tasks

Pay more attention

To how you’re interacting with others. This is one thing I need to be more conscious of reminding myself that the Holy Spirit now guides my interactions and I can treat others with the same love and thoughtfulness that I’ve received.


The truth is I found it difficult to do so like I normally would and you might not be as expressive as I was but can listen to a message. Keep your mind occupied as often as you can when this is happening. Hang in there, you’d come out and get healed. You might not do so as fast as you expected but you need to believe that God wants you healed and His plans for your life has not changed. Trust him even in the pain! You’d be back in no time just like I am now



I’d love to hear from you. Has this ever happened to you? Is this you today? Please share with me in the comments section below:


3 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone

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    For example, we love our unborn child because he is a little person and because he is our child. After the child is born our love deepens and we love him for who he is


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