From my archives(Originally posted on my Facebook page a year ago)

It is no secret that #Liverpool and #Barcelona played last night, except you’re not on this planet.

Even though I’m not a #football fan, I couldn’t help but notice the #WhatsApp updates, tweets and screenshots of the game as it kicked off in Anfield.
Liverpool won!

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I realised many who once rooted for Messi as the #GOAT icon(sure you know what that means🤷🏾‍♀) called him different names. Men and brethren, even I was hurt for him. Chai I felt it!

It only reveals the truth that the world only acknowledges and praises you when you succeed, it’s no surprise.

I saw phrases like the “GOAT has turned to goat meat”, “the GOAT has been forced to eat grass”😑 and all sorts

Please remind me of my topic again😂 I’m heading somewhere, don’t worry!

Just days ago, he trended on all social media platforms with folks who weren’t fans of his club. Posting about how great he was. The same folks who seemed to have had so much hope in him suddenly lost it because he failed this once 😌
Did i hear you say you’re not a Barca fan? Lol The irony is you never said that when he was trending and it’s only logical.😉
While there are many lessons to pick from this, I’d stick with one, Loyalty!

Messi, like many fall victim of this kind of mentality. The ability to have and sustain a long term commitment to a course is lacking in our days. Not just in the world of sports but in life and relationships as well.


The idea many have is “I will only stick around when things are going fine with you” or “my heart will be all in when you’re at your best. I’d rather play it safe from here.

They forget that love isn’t just about the hype or the praises but is also spelt LOYALTY.
Love isn’t “I’d be there when you do good” but it is I will irrespective of what you do or how circumstances turn out, I’d not just be present but active.

Love is the actions in the moments, the smiles, the whisper in their silence and down moments, the screams even in the failures and defeat life throws in their faces.
Loyalty is one of the truest test/proof of love.

It’s being there even when you think you’re not good enough for them.

It’s shown in the smallest things not necessarily the big ones. That’s where you know who’s truly for you.

Love is also spelt loyalty!!! it’s beyond the WhatsApp updates we put up or the public show of affection.

Let’s not be deceived into thinking we can have heights without depths. Or stick around people to feel good or to make them feel good.

We may never get a full glimpse but we can learn it and grow while at it.



  1. Love and loyalty should always be together, let me say like twins in a womb, because they are alike. Love and loyalty get tested at times, and sometimes when love is weak, loyalty strengthens and vice versa.
    Love is always born first before loyalty, love leads. So, when there is no loyalty, one’s love needs to be questioned.

    Thanks for sharing.

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