Is this a sin? Is that a sin?

When will we stop living the Christian life based on “Is this or that a sin?”

I honestly think it’s a wrong way to ask questions about the faith especially when it has to do with habits. I understand many people’s sincerity whenever they ask but it’s not sufficient. I know you might be wondering what do I mean?

I used to make that mistake because I wasn’t taught any differently. Having answers to those never helped me break free from habits like masturbation in the past. I can tell you for free that it won’t solve your habit problems either. Questions like:

“Is listening to secular music a sin?”
“Is Masturbation a sin?”
“Is not having your bath in a day a sin?”
“Is rolling on the floor a sin?”

Lol I hope you got the drift?
Why would you base your entire faith walk on these kinds of questions?


Let’s see…
So what if it’s a sin? Is that what’s most important to you? What would you do about it if it was? Try to live up to that? What would you do about it if it wasn’t?

How would the short answer empower you to live holy or free from the habit? Should that be the first question to ask? Truth is an act doesn’t have to be a sin for you to avoid it. I have treated this question in one of my YouTube videos. You can listen to it here:

Maybe you’ve been getting the wrong answers, stagnant and remaining stuck because you’ve been asking the wrong questions.

Maybe we all need to start asking ourselves the right questions as believers.
Questions like, “What is true about my identity?”, “Whose am I?”, “What did Jesus’ death, burial & resurrection do for/in me as a believer?”, “Is this a wise thing for me to do?”

First, it’s not sufficient knowing that an act is a sin. It wasn’t the matter of the law(that reveals your sin to you) but the fact that we were all dead! Helpless! Even keeping laws and knowing the rules can’t/couldn’t help. It’s in constantly focusing on /reminding yourself who you are as a believer you can begin to live right. What have you believed?


The miracle Christ did on the cross wasn’t just to help you to stop sinning but to give you His life and change your desires. To empower you to live for Him. It was to make you alive not for you to keep laws.

You’d also need to agree with me that even if you knew it was a sin and you stopped, you’d only be a morally right person. If all there is to your stance about why you don’t do certain things is the fact that they’re sins then you’d keep thinking it’s by your own power. Your reality wouldn’t be changed if you don’t know how much power resides in you and how that should influence your decisions! The reason why you can mortify the deeds of the flesh is because you’re risen with Christ. You do because you are! Stop asking if something is a sin and start living out your life. Many times you ask the wrong questions.

Maybe you need to start asking yourself, “Is it wise to do so in the first place?” “Does it help you grow?” “Is it of good report?” “Is it lovely?” “Does it help you think selfless?” “Does it help you build the right culture?” You’d better be honest with yourself enough to admit the areas that needs growth.


If it pollutes your mind which is what should be constantly renewed with God’s word, then no matter how harmless it might seem at first glance it’s not for you. If it appears to be evil, it’s better to never give it a second thought. Avoid saying it’s only this one time!

Even if your Spirit has been changed, God wants you to think like he thinks. He wants you to be able to give a reason for whatever you believe and to defend the message of the Gospel

Are you asking the right questions? If it drains your devotion and causes you to grow cold towards prayer and fellowship, then it’s not for you! You don’t have to think twice.

You’re God’s workmanship! He’s working in you! Put in the efforts to show you’ve been approved of God! Work out your salvation because it’s your destiny to be fruitful! Your life is too precious and you can’t afford to keep asking the wrong questions!



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13 thoughts on “Is this a sin? Is that a sin?

  1. God doesn’t want us to be sin conscious or self conscious, they’ve been settled at the cross. Christ conscious, Christ centeredness should be the focus.

    Thanks for this wonderful piece.

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  2. Since you mentioned that this post is a somewhat answer to mine titled ‘IS MASTURBATION A SIN’, I’d have to respond differently from the previous comments.

    First, the idea behind my choice of topic is to captivate readers still asking such question.

    Also, I intend to explore the answer from an unusual angle: the men’s angle. (This would be a bit of ‘rated 18’ talk…lol)

    So, when a grown man doesn’t ejaculate, he has ‘store’ of semen called his scrotum that houses this substance. It is worthy of note that this ‘house’ is not limitless (you should read some more about it) as it gets full over time.

    What happens when it gets full is that it becomes uncomfortable for the guy to sit down for up to 10-15 minutes and this goes on continously till that sack is emptied.

    Now, Biology teaches that the natural way of emptying that sack is ‘wet dreams’ which is usually a product of daytime fantasy (which in Christendom will pass for ‘lusting’). Wet dreams are usually characterized by sexual arousal majorly by interaction with a lady in the dream. this then results in a real life arousal that results in ejaculation while sleeping.

    Now, I am accommodating some Biological concerns in addressing this question. Wet dreams are simply products of daytime lust. More so, the mere fact that a man’s body is constructed to ejaculate sperm from time to time depicts that there is a side -effect to not doing so and from my research, one of the side-effects is prostrate cancer.

    Having stated that, what’s your most-recommended way of ensuring a man ejaculates without sinning?

    To answer that, the Bible says it is better to marry than to burn. But how man young men are ready to marry in the early years of their puberty?

    Fornication is a no-go area as outrightly condemned in the Bible as it says every man should KNOW HOW TO keep himself in sanctification and In honour (instructing to abstain from fornication). So, I ask: is masturbation a sinless option?(and this is another angle to see my question).

    I also understand the dangers of the continuous act of masturbation since it’s an un-natural way of ejaculating and that’s why I think marriage should interrupt that act.

    I also understand how addictive it can be. But remember there are a lot of other sinless acts that are addictive such as eating (gluttony). The mere fact that it’s addictive doesn’t condemn it, rather it questions the discipline of the person in the act.

    So, my quest is for a stinger argument against this act given the premises I’ve tried to build with this response.

    Well, I am of a strong opinion that the truth should be held and every believer should abstain from EVERY appearance of evil. But is ejaculating evil? Is sex a sin? I’d rather say it be done in the confines of marriage for sex to be acceptable and that’s why the Bible condemns it.

    More so, I’d like to conclude by stating that masturbation is not supposed to be a way of life nor a lifestyle to be chosen because anything that competes with institution of marriage set by God has to be condemned. However (I didn’t see this coming 😋), let’s consider the motive: does a masturbator necessarily want to debunk the idea of marriage by engaging in the act?

    PS: I ONLY SEEK CLARITY. My conviction says it’s wrong. But my opinion breeds this argument and demands a concrete analysis. Don’t be quick to judge 🤗.

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    1. Awesome…

      Masturbation is not a sin, it’s just not helpful.

      Masturbation is not God’s idea for our sexuality no matter what science says.

      I’d have to read up on Ejaculation as I don’t understand the subject well.
      I’ve read the subject of it causing prostrate cancer lol but the answers I got are not well explanatory.

      The act of masturbation only seems to gratify the flesh. This is the angle we should look at. It’s just not the way to go about your sexuality.

      As believers, we must understand that we’re Spiritual beings. We don’t just have a body and a mind. We are Spirit beings with the former as covering. Our bodies aren’t the real us that’s why the devil subtly makes us focus on it alone.

      If you ask anyone who masturbates, they weren’t born that way. It was learnt like every other habit. Same way it can be unlearned. It started by choice, information and what they allowed into their eyes/ears.
      It’s just like taking alcohol. It negates God’s idea of order in a man’s life. People who engage continuously are seeking for something, are seeking to fill their ‘hearts’ because of some emptiness or void that only God can fill. Everyone thirsts. Everyone gets hungry but it’s wisdom to discern that what you want or what science suggests, is not always what’s good for you. You can never be satisfied masturbating and it’s a trap. The devil wants you wanting more and more till you become hooked and it leads you to nurse your desire which then leads to lust then sin. I’ve never heard/seen anyone doing so for medical reasons even if they claim it is.

      Let’s see this example
      ‘Going to the club’

      Is it a sin? No but it could lead to. We both know that for you to have had such thoughts in the first place, it’s either you lied to yourself or you shut your mind to the many dangers that can take place there. You probably have a meeting there, that’s okay.
      But there are just some places that have appearances of evil naturally. Some things that lead to sin. It’s just like you’re sexually aroused and you go visit a female friend alone expecting nothing to happen.

      Your desires sell you out faster through your actions and while it’s possible for a believer to still masturbate, it’s not wise at all. That’s why we must be honest with ourselves and keep our desires in check ALL THE TIME. God is not just against us not sinning but we’ve got an intergrity to protect. His life to live out. The state of our hearts and our growing in loving him and being disciplined are his delight.

      The idea of sex is with another person not with yourself alone.

      Masturbation breeds selfishness, and makes the focus about you alone which contradicts what God’s love portrays(He wants our relationships to reflect this).

      Marriage doesn’t cure masturbation so it’s beyond not wanting to burn. Since our focus here isn’t marriage, masturbation needs to be dealt with at it’s root.

      Masturbation is in no way sex…not even close so sex can’t be a sin. Sex is not a sin. It’s between two people(male and female) who love to know each other in and out. Growing to mirror that relationship between Christ and the church(having the forever mindset, inseparable, joined as one, fused together, in oneness)

      Discipline is the answer and you’ve already outlined it in your response. My post also give answers you need.

      It’s not about better ways to ejaculate, it’s understanding where your satisfaction lies. Knowing how to keep your body under because our Spirits have been changed.

      I hope this helps?

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  3. “If it pollutes your mind which is what should be constantly renewed with God’s word, then no matter how harmless it might seem at first glance it’s not for you. If it appears to be evil, it’s better to never give it a second thought. Avoid saying it’s only this one time!”

    Satan tries to fill our minds with wrong thoughts all the time. Our responsibility is to cast down those wrong thoughts, get them under control and replace them with right thoughts.

    “For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,”
    2 Corinthians 10:4‭-‬5 ESV


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